Locked Re: Merging WSJT-X logs #adiFiles

Ed Stratton

Why not upload to LOTW to combine logs? Then use a date sort in LOTW to
bring out the combined .adi’s. ?


On Fri, Jun 17, 2022 at 1:17 PM David Ackrill <david.ackrill@...>

I'm using 1 computer and I'm not really wanting to do it in real time,
just combine 2 or more copies of wsjx_log.adi into one file.

I thought ADIF master might do it, but I need to dig into it a bit as I
got an error on Q65 contacts, so I added it to the list, but need to go
back and re-merge the files again and I'm not sure how to avoid duplicating
records when re-merging log files in a few days time..

I guess cut and paste will have to do for now, but it gets a bit tedious
figuring out which are new records in each adi file to try to avoid
duplicates. i guess duplicate records are not a problem, until the log
file gets a bit too large.

73, Ed

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