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Rick Tavan

It's not just fonts - my Windows installation has many sizing and spacing
issues that I've been unable to adjust satisfactorily whereas my MacOS
installations (an old Macbook Pro and a new M1 version) are beautiful and
fully functional out-of-the-box, no adjustments needed. I wonder if there
are some magic settings in Windows that get it to work well with WSJT-X
without messing up other apps. I haven't pursued it because I usually use
the Mac.


/Rick N6XI

On Fri, Jun 17, 2022 at 4:11 AM W4JBB <joel.b.black@...> wrote:

The mode buttons in Win11 seem to be too small for various font sizes in
Win11. In Win11, my font is Calibri, Regular, 10. I have tried Arial,
Regular, 10; Calibri, Light, 10; and Arial, Regular, 8. Eight is too small
for me. I have not tried a monospaced font preferring to use those in the
decoder windows. Resizing the window does *not* change the button size.

I have installed on macOS 12.4 and use the default system font (I don't
even know what it is) size 13 and the window and buttons seem much better
on macOS (of course, I am biased to macOS). As in Win11, resizing the
window does not change the button size.

I have only tested 2.6.0-rc1 on Win11 and macOS 12.4. I can test on my RPi
running Bullseye this weekend.

Joel - W4JBB


Rick Tavan
Truckee and Saratoga, CA

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