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Jim Brown

YES! If it's just old, you probably need a new one. But if it's relatively new, you may simply need more RAM.

On 6/14/2022 2:32 PM, Bill, WB6JJJ wrote:
Chuck brings up a critical problem.
If your computer is a bit too slow it will miss decode cycles. I had to retire my not that old HP computer because it was just not fast enough to always finish computing by the time the next time slot arrived and would lose decodes.
Turning off Deep and AP decoding may help.
This website will run a test that tells how much RAM you have, how much you can add, and what specific chips they sell will fit. I've used them several times.

They also sell solid state drives (SSD), which can also speed up a computer, and that test will also give you information on that. I would ask around your most computer-literate friends about the best brands of SSDs.


73, Jim K9YC

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