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Bill, WB6JJJ

Chuck brings up a critical problem.
If your computer is a bit too slow it will miss decode cycles. I had to retire my not that old HP computer because it was just not fast enough to always finish computing by the time the next time slot arrived and would lose decodes.
Turning off Deep and AP decoding may help.
Good luck,

On Jun 14, 2022, at 12:00 PM, Chuck Gelm <nc8q-aredn@...> wrote:

On 6/14/22 14:03, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:
Hi Chuck,

Well, my clock is always within ± 0.2s so well within tolerance.

The missing decodes are random, as most of the time, I get good decodes.
Whilst operating this afternoon, I was seeing some decodes that were off by as much as 2s, so I don't think my problem lays there.

I am going to check for RFI, but it is not causing issues with other software.

From what I can see, many folk are using Dimension4 for keeping the time, so I don't think that is an issue.
Best 73

Hi, Phil:

Maybe monitor your CPU usage.
Look for a core running at 100% for => 9 seconds.

I am using a Raspberry Pi model 4B.
Occasionally I see a core spike to 90%, but within 6 seconds it drops to < 10%.

Perhaps if WSJT-X does not complete a decode cycle by the time another cycle starts,
WSJT-X drops the old decode task and starts anew.

73, Chuck

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