Locked Re: Missing callsigns in MSK144 Decodes #MSK144

Jon KM8V

That could certainly be it.. I've just never seen it so prevalent as it was today.

On Sun, Jun 5, 2022 at 10:07 AM, Charles Suckling wrote:

Hi Jon

Maybe this (copied from User Guide):

For operation at 144 MHz or above you may find it helpful to use
short-format *Sh* messages for Tx3, Tx4, and Tx5. These messages are 20 ms
long, compared with 72 ms for full-length MSK144 messages. Their
information content is a 12-bit hash of the two callsigns, rather than the
callsigns themselves, plus a 4-bit numerical report, acknowledgment (RRR),
or sign-off (73). Only the intended recipient can decode short-messages.
They will be displayed with the callsigns enclosed in <> angle brackets, as
in the following model QSO


Charlie DL3WDG

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