locked Re: How To Handle Non-Contest Callers #ContestMode

Pietro Molina

Not so true. If I'lm in Qso whit, say, i1xxx and at the end I receive a
call I2OIM I2YYY JN45 I can't be sure that I2YYY has stored my maidenhead.
I would have a CQ TX in the middle, to be sure.

Pietro I2OIM

Il sab 4 giu 2022, 21:19 bruiser419 via groups.io <bruiser419=
yahoo.com@groups.io> ha scritto:

I suppose it depends on the requirements of the contest.

For the new ARRL International DX contest starting today(only digital
contest I'm familiar with right now), I would say yes it's a good QSO. All
you need for that contest is his maidenhead, which you received. In the
case of this specific contest, I'm not even sure the need for the special
exchange. If all you need is the maidenhead, that is provided in the
normal exchange which I would run so you could use the exchange for other
things as well (POTA for example).

Not sure it helps, but my 2 cents anyways.

73, Bruce KE8QFP

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