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Bill, WB6JJJ

I never had the problem when using FT8 because it is on a completely different contest frequency. But the FT4 contest mode is on the standard FT4 frequency where a lot of people have normal QSOs. I wish they had picked a different FT4 frequency for the contest. I know that FT4 frequency like 14.080 is for contesting but a lot of people use it for normal QSOs... I just quickly switch back to non contest mode to complete the QSO then log it...


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My personal take on this.

I am going to have my CONTEST MODE free text ready to use.

The first contact I will try to manually select the next macro to log the contact. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just move on quickly and ignore them. I’ll always lead with the free text 2X’s first.

I feel that some who do this are trying to cause disruptions, so I won’t let that happen. They know that they are off the regular FT# freqs and know better. I will always try CONTEST MODE on everyone that calls the wrong way first. But quickly move on.

I may even note the call sign to possibly call them out on the air if they continue to do it, causing disruptions in the contest.

But will always try CONTEST MODE on every one that does it to give the benefit of doubt.

On Jun 4, 2022, at 1:35 AM, David AD4TJ via groups.io <ad4tj@...> wrote:

Participated in the 6 pm EDT session, and ran into the same situation as in previous FTx contests:

I'm calling CQ TEST AD4TJ FM08. I am called by a station, say W2ABC FN05. I reply with W2ABC AD4TJ R FM08. He replies with: AD4TJ W2ABC +12 (obviously not in Contest Mode). I am in Contest Mode, which doesn't recognize +12 as the report it is expecting, so it again sends W2ABC AD4TJ R FM08. And the cycle repeats itself until one of us quits.

So what does someone who is in the contest, make this a completion for a good QSO? I'm stumped (again). It seems that either everyone else has it figured out (because I never see it mentioned just before the contest) or I/we/they have forgotten about it until it happens the day before the contest starts.

Thanks in advance. Inquiring minds want to know!

David AD4TJ

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