locked Re: How To Handle Non-Contest Callers #ContestMode

WB5JJJ - George

In just the short time I have been doing this new contest I find way too many just typed "TEST" in their CQ (TX6) or are using the wrong contest software. It's a new contest format and will take a cycle or two for everybody to get on board.

Many are not using the NA VHF mode (as outlined to do so by Joe Taylor), even though it sounds wrong. It's a quick fix that will solve the problem until another name can be created in WSJTx and hopefully, ARRL will rename it more uniquely as well as the current names are a bit too similar. I know they were trying to split the previous contest to make the playing field more equal, but the basic name should not have been inherited either.

George - WB5JJJ
Hamshack Holine #4969

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