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Tim Dawson

Frankly, if the issues with Meinberg (actually, that is nothing more than a compile of open source NTP code . . . ) could be included with WSJTX for Windows, it would be the ideal solution. Those using any Linux distro already have this NTP code on their systems, and, well, I'm honestly not sure what you get on a MAC, but would be surprised of NTP wasn't available in some flavor.

Basically, this NTP code needs nothing more than to set the server to sync to, or use something like "pool.ntp.org" for a generic solution, so is pretty trivial to config. Heck, with a generic clock target like that, if nothing more, a viable NTP config could also be included in the WSJTX distributable, taking the burden off the end user to figure out how to use it.

To that end, I am in the process of spinning up a Win10 VM to see if I can duplicate (and hopefully solve) the issues with the Meinberg build. If anyone can supply more details (feel free to email direct, if you prefer) it would help point me in a better direction. I have been building and using this code for, heck, close to 20 years, so hopefully this can be figured out without too much trouble.

- Tim

On 6/2/22 6:07 PM, Gilbert Baron wrote:
Agree , but many here say the OS is not really doing a good job of it.
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Because timekeeping is an OS task, not part of any app . . .
If time synchronization was implemented in WSJTX and the user shutdown WSJTX they then loose any time synchronization. To maintain accurate time keeping would require that WSJTX is kept running even when not using WSJTX. Keeping a GUI window open is not the right approach, it should be left to a background service dedicated to time keeping.
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