Locked Re: #logging Possible Enhancement for the ALL.TXT file #logging

Eugene Morgan

Given the various opinions on option for the ALL.TXT file I'd suggest that the developers leave the handling of the ALL.TXT file as it is and focus on more important aspects of the program.

For my part I just wrote a very simple program that will extract all instances of my call sign from the ALL.TXT file and writes those lines to another file. In developing this simple utility I have a couple of questions. Assume I'm writing this program for you:

1. Do you want to also include those lines where you are calling CQ? Yes or No?
2. Would you want it to automatically over write the existing ALL.TXT file with a new version of the ALL.TXT file that includes only those lines where your call is found? Yes or No?

My thinking is that if your ALL.TXT only included lines with your call sign you could reduce the size of the ALL.TXT file considerably. Yes you would need to run this utility manually once in a while. There's no configuration file, no registry entry. It can automatically locate the ALL.TXT file in the WSJT-X folder and it would be for Windows only.


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