locked Re: #logging Possible Enhancement for the ALL.TXT file #logging

Joe Subich, W4TV

Not a good idea. I've several times gone to ALL.TXT to confirm a
QSO when the "final 73" etc. was lost in QRM/fade, etc. I'll get
a card that's not in my log, check ALL.TXT and find both reports
are there ... good QSO.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-06-01 11:06 AM, Karza wrote:
On 1.6.2022 14.19, Stu Holzer (K8ST) wrote:
Maybe there could be an option to just turn it off the ALL file if it isn't wanted or needed ...
If you are on Linux, you can accomplish  this by linking  ALL.TXT to the  'bit bucket' /dev/null
73's de Kari, oh2gqc

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