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Sam Birnbaum

Hi Steve,
The program that I wrote (and is free) AllText.exe can process any size All.Txt file.It does not load the file into memory. Given the callsigns and the date of the qsoin question it will find the records in less than 0.5 seconds regardless of the sizeof the file. The program can be run even while wsjt-x is actively adding recordsto the all.txt file. 
It is a Windows only executable and is available for free at Programsbyw2jdb@... just need to subscribe, go to files and download it.  
All programs found at ProgramsByW2JDB@groups.io are free.


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Could WSJT-X be coded so that a new ALL.TXT file is created new when a threshold of number of records is exceeded? My current ALL.TXT file is too large for NotePad++ to open (870mb) so it is basically a throw away; I'll have to delete it and start a new file.

If the number of records threshold was implemented, at the start of WSJT-X - check if the ALL.TXT file exceeds the records threshold. If so, grab the last record in the file - get the date and time stamp of that last record and name change the current ALL.TXT to ALL_20220530_182530.TXT or similar. Then start a fresh ALL.TXT file again.

Just a thought.

Steve, K8SJM

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