locked Re: #logging Possible Enhancement for the ALL.TXT file #logging

Reino Talarmo

at the end of each month so that a new file is automatically created by WSJT-X when the app is next started, typically at the start of the next month.
Hi Martin,

I am running an antenna experiment and record ALL.txt 24/7. I just rename ALL.txt in fly e.g. to ALL-220531_test1.txt. At the next decoding instance wsjt-x generates a new ALL.txt. I have not found any collision ever, keep my fingers crossed!

Hi Steve,

If you still have that huge (870mb) file in your computer and want to recover it in smaller junks, then you could make a simple Python program to split it by the number of row into smaller files. I did it by reading the big file line by line so very little memory was used.

73, Reino OH3mA

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