locked Re: Puzzled Exchange #QSO_practices

Joe Subich, W4TV

Thanks for any enlightenment,
The other station has "Contest Mode" engaged. I don't know why
he is sending a "normal" CQ instead of CQ TEST (which should be
the case if NA VHF is selected).


... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-05-29 10:00 PM, Brad, K8ZM wrote:
I was puzzled by a couple recent 2m & 6m FT8 QSO's.
Responding to a normal CQ like CQ N8GLS EN91, I send the standard N8GLS K8ZM EN91, but in reply I got K8ZM N8GLS R EN91, the auto-reply in WSJT-X then sent N8GLS RR73 before I could catch it. The couple QSO's were the first I ever have seen an R followed by the Grid in the same line, WSJT-X is probably seeing the R and then jumps to RR73 (or maybe 73 if you catch it fast enough) but no report is getting exchanged, Is this some new QSO practice ??
Thanks for any enlightenment,
Brad, K8ZM

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