locked Re: Windows 11 and WSJTX #FT8 #windows11

Michael Black

What rig is this?

Quisk seems to having a few problems lately.

Mike W9MDB

On Friday, May 27, 2022, 06:11:26 PM CDT, Pierre FK8IH <jb.gallauziaux@...> wrote:

On Windows 11 with Quisk v.4.2.0 I just made a new attempt to upgrade to 2.5.4 and upgraded also the lihamlib-4.dll as you suggest.
CAT does not work with Quisk, I can very slowly change frequencies but it fails to trigger Quisk to transmit.
I returned to v.2.4.0, which worked immidiately like a charm.
73 - Pierre - FK8IH

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