locked Problem with Doppler correction #TechnicalHelpQuestion


We are using WSJT Q65 on 10GHz EME. Several weeks ago it all worked ok, but today I can't seem to change the doppler tracking "Sked" frequency. I am using CFOM. I don't believe the s/w has changed.

My Tx frequency shifts up by the doppler ok.
But the Rx frequency and the "Sked" frequency seem to be the same. Pressing CNTRL and tuning the Rx just seems to move the Rx frequency...

It used to be ok a few weeks ago. I don't know if we have inadvertently hit some button on WSJT, or if there is a problem with the Tx/Rx/cables.

Doppler frequency control seems ok on Tx and Rx - the frequency changes as the doppler changes, so I am inclined to think the CAT/IC746 are ok.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is?

Julian, G3YGF obo G4RFR

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