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Michael Black

Why do we need a 1.2 rig?  What's different?
The src folder is set in build-hamlib.sh which will be in your home bin directorySRCD="$HOME/src/hamlib"

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, 03:11:42 AM CDT, David via groups.io <m0ezp@...> wrote:

Hi Mike,
Thanks again.
I've made progress and tracked down the cause of not seeing changes come through. I've been changing ft990.c and ft990.h where I'd put the repository locally \Hamlib-master but source was being taken from \JTSDK64-Tools\tools\msys64\home\David\src\hamlib\src\ - where is the source folder set?
Also, if I wanted to create a new rig eg ft990v12 what's the file or process to do that please?
Many thanks

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