locked Re: No USB Input Audio to WSJT #stopped_working #Yaesu #macOS #AudioIssues #ftdi

William, W1MVY

Mostly for my own record (and anyone else reading this)....

I got WSJT-x working on an old, Intel-based Mac today running MacOS Catalina.

The old Mac did not require a USB hub to connect the two cables needed - USB Audio and CAT. WSJT-x "just worked" showing me that my audio cable is not the issue and, I suspect, neither is WSJT-x. The new suspects are MacOS Monterey and/or the hubs or how Monterey deals with hubs or USB overall. I can see numerous complaints online a bout M1 Macs and USB Audio through USB-C hubs... Hmm, we will see.

My text test is to place the USB Audio cable on it's own, non-Hub based USB-C -> USB2/3 dongle (no hub involved for that cable). The other USB 2/3 cables (CAT as well as one for a WinKeyer) work fine through the hub.

Stay tuned.

-- Scott, W1MVY

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