locked Re: #Cat_RigControl #Yaesu #Cat_RigControl #Yaesu

Michael Black

Yes...just copy the dll.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 11:40:05 AM CDT, David via groups.io <m0ezp@...> wrote:

Hi Mike,

Thanks. I've now installed JTSDK and rebuilt hamlib a few times.
I'm copying over the DLL that it builds libhamlib-4.dll from \JTSDK64-Tools\tools\hamlib\qt\5.15.2\bin to my live WSJTX installĀ  \wsjtx\bin
I'm not seeing my changes to the rig c and h files come through which might well be an error on my part but I should be able to just swap the DLL as I'm doing shouldn't I?

73 David

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