locked Re: Log to ACLog #logging

Randy Buxton, W4IFI

Here's my setup.

Settings>Rig Interface>Select Rig=None
Settings>API>TCP API Enabled (Server) [Check the box],,,Port=2237
Under WSJT-X Interface check the box for Listen for WSJT-X
Click Done

Under Logging- Check only the boxes for Prompt me to log QSO, dB reports to comments, Clear DX call and grid after logging
Under Network Services- Check the box for Enable PSK Reporter Spotting (not necessary but I do it anyway)
Under UDP Server:
UDP Server =
UDP Server port number = 2237
Outgoing interfaces, click the dropdown and check all the boxes
Multicast TTL = 1
Check all three boxes to the right

Click OK and that 's it.

-Randy Buxton, W4IFI

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