locked Re: Gigantic WSJT-X RigControl.log file #WSJTX_config #stopped_working

Michael Black

Check in C:\Users\[username\\AppData\Local\WSJT-X for a file called wsjtx_log_config.ini and rename it.
Mike W9MDB

On Monday, May 23, 2022, 04:03:24 PM CDT, Jari A <oh2fqv@...> wrote:

I have surprising problem.

My harddisk got filled and windows scream for full disk.

Wsjt-x_RigControl.log file was enormous 73GB.
I rename that file and check that WSJT-X start and close normally and after closing, it create new 1,5MB rigcontrol.log file
All is good now, but...

Is there a setting in wsjt-x.ini or some where else? Can I turn that log file totally off?


:Jari / OH2FQV

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