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David - M0EZP

I have a FT990 with v1.2 ROM which I'd like to get working for CAT and digimodes.

I'm a newbie with WSJT-X, Hamlib and Commander although I have managed to get a connection to the FT990. Unfortunately I get a Hamlib error at startup and when trying to save rig config - "invalid parameter while getting current VFO frequency". I am certain that this is because the https://github.com/Hamlib/Hamlib/blob/master/rigs/yaesu/ft990.h file is written for FT990 v1.3 ROM and the response to checking the rig frequency changed significantly between these versions.

My background is computer programming and although I have done very little in C I would like to experiment with changes to ft990.h and/or WSJT-X rig control. Is there a means for testing changes to rig opcodes and parameters locally? Where should I start please?

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