locked Re: No USB Input Audio to WSJT #stopped_working #Yaesu #macOS #AudioIssues #ftdi

William, W1MVY

This morning I inserted the Rogue Amoeba Loopback into the USB -> WSJT-x path internally to my M1-based MAC.

The result is that I have proved
1. The Audio out to the radio from WSJT-x works and I can transmit.
2. The USB audio from the radio is getting to the Mac, works fine with the Loopback (I can see and hear intercepted audio from the radio on my Speakers but...
3. No audio gets through to WSJT-x using the USB or loopback device.
4. If I use another application like FLDigi that uses the same USB or loopback audio - everything works fine.

WSJT-x on this Mac seems to be the issue.

Any ideas?

-- Scott, W1MVY

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