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William, W1MVY

Hi All!

I am in the process of getting my FT-818ND working with WSJT-x for field day 2022.

The Problem:

WSJT-x does not see any audio from the radio. That is, there is no audio from the radio to WSJT-x.

I have proven that:

- The Mac "sees" the USB Audio input and output (in the MacOS System Reporter->USB output, and MIDI Setup)
- The USB Audio is getting to the Mac (as seen in the System Preferences->Sound panel)
- The Audio levels have been adjusted from very low to very high with no result in WSJT-x
- The USB audio is making it to the Mac by looking
- The USB Audio itself works fine, I have run FLDigi using this exact hardware setup during my debugging session and it works.
- WSJT-x's shared memory is configured according to the instructions and does not get a "Shared Memory Error"
(I run the CLI commands to properly config SH on each boot)
- The results with WSJT-x (Does not work) and FLDigi (Works) are the same with two different USB2 <-> USB-c hubs
- All rig control through FLRIG/Cat works fine
- This entire configuration with WSJT-x used to work with an Intel-based Mac in the past

My configuration:

- WSJT-x Version 2.5.4 for macOS 10.13 through 12
- A 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch, M1-Max
- MacOS Monterey Version 12.3.1
- A Yaesu FT-818ND
- An FTDI-based CAT cable
- A U-Green USB Audio Cable
- A UNI 3 USB2.0 port + Network Hub OR an Andobil Multi-port Hub (including 2 x USB2.0 with other ports
- WSJT-x is set up to run through FLRiG for CAT control (but I have also tried with HAMLib)
- FLDigi Version 4.1.20 for Audio testing Purposes (see above)

What am I doing wrong with WSJT-x here? Is there a USB/Audio bug with WSJT-x?

It does not seem that this should be as hard as it is given this works with FLDigi!

Thanks for any guidance.

-- Scott, W1MVY

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