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Hello everyone. I had a lengthy thread with you guys trying to help me to get my Yaesu FT-991A to transmit and I finally have it working. Long story short is I had it working and then it stopped and I could not get it to transmit again although it received and decoded fine. I'm not sure but I think there were 4 problems, RF in the shack, I suspect I did a factory reset when the radio stopped transmitting and did not copy down all the radio menu setting correctly from when it was working, I think most info on the internet is for Windows and I'm running a MacBook Pro, and lastly I'm reasonably bright with radio theory but I'm about as smart as a box of rocks regarding computers. For those who need it, below are the radio menu items which have been changed from the factory defaults to make the radio work with FT8 when using the Mac OS (if that matters):

29 - 38,400
31 - 38,400
62 - Others
64 - 1,500
65 - 1,500
66 - Off
68 - Off
72 - USB

Below are the matching items on the 'Radio' tab in WSJT-X:

Baud Rate: 38,400
Data Bit: 8
Stop Bit: 2
Handshake: Hardware
PTT: Cat
Mode: Data/PKT
Split Operation: Fake It

Poll: 1 Sec

The above mentioned thread is closed but I would like to thank everyone who helped me. I really learned a lot in that thread.

Robert KI5TPC

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