locked Re: Yaesu FT991A Won't Transmit in FT8 #Cat_RigControl #NewUser #TechnicalHelpQuestion #transmit #Yaesu


Hi Steve and Reino. When I press the 'Tune' button on the WSJTX software the radio makes a clicking sound and the red transmit light glows but the radio does not transmit with any power. I discovered another thing that is weird about my FT-991A. When the radio in in 'Data-USB' mode, I cannot change the transmitted power with the power button under the function/memory button. I can only change the transmit power by using the Menu #137 button. When using the normal USB mode, the radio works normal and I can change power normally. Can someone who uses a FT-991A try to change the transmit power in 'Data-USB' mode?

Reino, I am using a MacBook Pro computer. However, I am thinking about getting a Windows computer. It seems to me more ham radio software is written for Windows. Thanks guys!

Robert KI5TPC

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