locked WSJT-X #mainscreen

Gary Diaz

Everything was fine when I stopped operating around a month ago. Came back last week and my audio codec ports just changed to Line-1 USB Audio Codec, not sure what happened to Line 1 but it is no longer selectable from the drop down. So I just went in and set WSJT-X to codec line 2. WSJT works I can send/transmit, I get a waterfall with data in it and or signals on the waterfall so there is stuff to decode. The decode button/lite flickers when it does it decoding like always. Hoever, know it does not print anything in the decode box/side of the main screen. So never see the call signs or activity printing on the left side. I can see my call go out and print on the right hand side of main WSTJ-X column. But I never see anything on left hand side/column. Any suggestions? I have tried every thing. Also I cannot get windows 11 to see the Line 1 USB Codec which I was able to see before now I only have Line-2 USB Codec

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