locked Re: Time Sync Errors after Win 10 Update #Timesync

Tom V. Segalstad

Hi Bob,

As I have written before on this forum – when starting the PC (at least my PC with updated Windows-10), after the time-keeping program «Dimension 4» has started, it must be opened, and «Settings» in the menu must be activated – see the button with a red arrow below.


Then a new window appears, where you must give permission for «Dimension 4» to make changes to your PC.

This procedure has to be made every time my Windows-10 PC is restarted – else «Dimension 4» will not do its job.

If this procedure doesn’t help, I may suggest trying another time keeping program – the program «BktTimeSync» has also worked fine for me – and each time the program is manually called upon, Windows «automagically» asks if you give permission for the program to make changes to your PC.

73 and good luck from Tom (LA4LN & LC1V)

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Emne: [WSJTX] Time Sync Errors after Win 10 Update #Timesync

Been running Dimension 4 for 10 years for WSPR/WSJT time sync without problem. Just had a Win 10 "Security Update" and now Dimension 4 will simply not run on that PC. "Port Binding Error"??? Anyone have this issue? Thoughts? I've been playing with firewall thinking that was the problem....no joy so far.

73 de Bob

Tom (LA4LN)

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