locked Re: Decoding Issue …. #FT8

Michael Black

Your plugging a line-level output into a mic-level input.Line-level is about 50dB higher than MIC level.https://i.stack.imgur.com/eRide.png

You can check your recording level in Windows and ensure it doesn't have a boost checkbox turned on and you can turn down the level too.
But the best solution is to use a cable that has volume control so it can done in analog space rather than the digital space in the computer.
This one looks like a possibilityhttps://www.amazon.com/PChero-Extension-Adapter-Adjustment-Control/dp/B08T1YW1JK/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1HY19OWKJU74V&keywords=audio%2Bcable%2Bwith%2Bvolume%2Bcontrol&qid=1652673976&sprefix=AUDIO%2BCABLE%2BWITH%2BVOL%2Caps%2C85&sr=8-8&th=1

Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, 10:55:05 PM CDT, Carl Griebno <k2gej.sc@...> wrote:

Yes I do, Mike.

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