locked Re: Yaesu FT991A Won't Transmit in FT8 #Cat_RigControl #NewUser #TechnicalHelpQuestion #transmit #Yaesu


Hi guys and thanks for the responses! The CAT control works fine with the WSJT-X software and when I click on the PTT button it lights up red and you can hear the radio make a 'click' sound and the radio lights up the red transmit light but no power is produced. I can also change bands with the software without problem.

I do have a dummy load and have tried transmitting both into it and my end fed antenna with no luck. Good question because my dummy load has a very nice SWR!

I have not tried any other modes other than FT8. I think I'll try perhaps FT4??? Good idea. Also I never thought about selecting a different radio in the drop down menu. Would it be possible that things would work by using the FTDX-3000 setting??? I've never thought about that. Thanks again guys!

Robert KI5TPC

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