locked Re: Puzzling QSO endings #QSO_practices

Thomas, SM0KBD

One interesting thing has confused me related to this and that is the special contest options.

For "EU VHF Contest" the auto sequence is like this according to the latest manual:

<PA9XYZ> <G4ABC> 570123 IO91NP
<G4ABC> <PA9XYZ> R 580071 JO22DB

(Lets hope that the format is kept)

As you see there is no final 73 sent. The same is true for "NA VHF Contest". From the beginning I thought this was a bug in the implementation, but as it is in line with the documentation I assume it is correct. Following some peoples practise this would not count as an full QSO. But obviously this is correct, or? So maybe it should be clearly pointed out that for certain special modes this shorter message exchange is OK and counted as a full QSO?


/Thomas, SM0KBD

Den 2022-05-13 kl. 14:43, skrev Dan Malcolm:

I've observed this operating practice for some time now and not such a big deal. FT8 QSO should, but don't have to, end with 73's being exchanged. Many don't send a 73, but end the QSO after sending a signal report. That's fine. But I also see some operators will continue sending signal reports until I have answered with a 73 several times. I'll usually get a confirmation via eQSL or LoTW so I assume they received my signal report. This makes me think I'm missing something. Is there an explanation?

Dan - K4SHQ

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