locked Re: Long running WSPR tx crashing WSJT; recreating issue and narrowing down parameters #wsjt-x-crashing #macOS

Stuart Ogawa

Hi Chuck

Thank you for your shared experience. A couple of observations:

* Experiments 1, 2, and 3 I used 90 watts output. In my pre formalized testing documented above (prior to these experiments) I ran 1 watt for the prior 2 months. Hence, power output for did not make a difference for WSPR. Hence, I will not rule out power related output is causing crashes, but I have 168 hours running non stop at 90 watts output, have similar results as 1 watt output....and the variable that changes is WSJT hitting around 180 +/- megs of RAM utilization before a crash occurs.

* Your experience leads me to think that there could in fact be two different areas of concern. I do not run FT8 at all, and WSPR does not crash until 180 +/- megs of RAM. Perhaps RF is impacting, regardless of power, the USB signal for FT8, WSJT, and the transceiver. I cannot speak to that. I noticed that most users discussed FT8 crashing but no one posting about WSPR crashing.


Thank you. I will look at your page. It is inexpensive to add those type of USB adapters. I will buy and implement those as one of the backlog of experiments to run after the Experiment 4 series.

As for ground. I operate my lab in my garage. Behind my garage wall is where the main water main feeds the house with copper pipe. I happened to have spare RG8U, so I water hose clapped the outer RG8U shield directly to the copper pipe. This feed goes into my lab. The other end of the feed line connects to a backplane plate, and I connect my gear (Icom 7300, antenna tuner (LDG AT 1000 Proii), and antenna switch) to this plate.

I think I have a reasonable ground setup, but I am open to other suggestions.


Experiment 4b - results so far.....this is curious

7:30PM PST

* 21hrs, 45 minutes have elapsed since experiment 4b began
* WSJT WSPR still transmitting; 90 watts output, 50% duty cycle
* 308 WSJT WSPR transmissions successfully logged

* Activity RAM at this juncture is 167.3 megs utilized; 30.9% LESS RAM than expected at this point
* I would have expected approximately 213.7 megs utilized with 308 WSJT WSPR transmissions successfully logged at this point; simple proportion math based on recorded outcomes from prior experiments where I logged WSJT RAM usage and number of WSJT WSPR transmissions until failure.
* I would have normally expected and predicted WSJT failure due to RAM utilization and number of TX WSPR logged in the next 2 to 3 hours based on prior recorded values

No configuration changes have been made between Experiment 4a and 4b...just a quit and restart of WSJT.

No explanation. Very peculiar.

Continuing to let experiment 4b run its course.


Side observation:

* It reached 90+ F at our home here in the Silicon Valley today; garage was and still is about low 80's right now.

* Despite this closed environment temperature and running 90 watts output at 50% duty cycle for past 22+ hours, the Icom 7300 temp bar graph stabilizes at 30% from zero/off temp position. Yes, this device runs pretty cool in the grand scheme of things.

* It appears there are three fan speeds (very low, low and moderate) up to the 30% temp bar range; best guess from sight reading the temp bar graph is 20% along the bar graph low speed occurs; climbing beyond the 20% it appears fan moves to moderate speed. Doesn't really bother me because I just come to the lab to check on things and then walk away after recording values and observations.

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