locked Re: Puzzling QSO endings #QSO_practices

Jim Dawdy

I don't think there's a right, wrong, or even generally accepted practice.
It's really just all over the place.

Some DX stations won't respond to a grid square, a few (like the post
above) won't respond to only a signal report. Some ops insist on 73, some
do not.

I think DXpeditions are fairly consistent in wanting signal report only and
consider the QSO as logged when they send or receive RR73. Of course,
they're maximizing their limited time and resources, which is

I tend to run without sending my grid, because I chase DX where that seems
to be more-preferred. If I send RR73 and don't get a 73 back, I usually
send it again once or twice, then move on.



On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 11:48 AM Dan Malcolm <K4SHQ@...> wrote:

I've observed this operating practice for some time now and not such a big
deal. FT8 QSO should, but don't have to, end with 73's being exchanged.
Many don't send a 73, but end the QSO after sending a signal report.
That's fine. But I also see some operators will continue sending signal
reports until I have answered with a 73 several times. I'll usually get a
confirmation via eQSL or LoTW so I assume they received my signal report.
This makes me think I'm missing something. Is there an explanation?

Dan - K4SHQ

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