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I'll reply to an R-XX with a plane 73 up to four times. Then I assume he just can't receive me. Sometimes I'll use JTAlert's message facility to send a notification that I have them in my log.

Thanks for the clarification.
Dan – K4SHQ

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There are those that expect a 73 and those that don't.
If you or they are using the standard RRR response then both 73's are usually used in FT8.
But...they will log when they send their 73.
I've never seen anybody end after an R-XX report.  If they keep sending it means they didn't get your 73.
Mike W9MDB

On Friday, May 13, 2022, 11:48:14 AM CDT, Dan Malcolm <k4shq@...> wrote:

I've observed this operating practice for some time now and not such a big deal.  FT8 QSO should, but don't have to, end with 73's being exchanged.  Many don't send a 73, but end the QSO after sending a signal report.  That's fine. But I also see some operators will continue sending signal reports until I have answered with a 73 several times.  I'll usually get a confirmation via eQSL or LoTW so I assume they received my signal report.  This makes me think I'm missing something.  Is there an explanation?

Dan - K4SHQ

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