Stan Gammons

On 5/14/22 02:38, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:
I've seen some drift that was -3 or -4. Anything to be concerned about?

If it is only occasional from maybe one or two stations then it is their
If it is on most spots of your transmission then you are drifting.

A search seems to indicate that some IC-7300s do drift on TX. eg

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Hi Alan,

It looks like the IC-7300 does drift some. I tried with my TS-590SG and
the drift shows as 0 on almost every station that reported hearing me.
The TS-590SG does have the optional TCXO.

I've thought about making a WSPR transmitter using an Arduino UNO with a
GPS module for the time and an AD9850 DDS. Something like this   The sketch
doesn't look quite right though. Will have to see if it works when I get
the Skylab GPS module.



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