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Jeff Stillinger

You are right, it is not that big of a deal.    Your station, your process.

In my operation process, I do expect to see confirmation that my signal report was received, either with a RR73 or the full RRR 73 sequence.   If I do not receive acknowledgement after the third attempt, I assume the contact was lost to propagation.   I do not log it and I move on to the next contact without second thought. Win some, loose some, next...  I run my logging and uploads in real time.   With everything else there is to do in life, the chances of me taking time out to reconstruct a broken contact are slim to none.

On Friday 5/13/2022 07:43, Dan Malcolm wrote:
I've observed this operating practice for some time now and not such a big deal. FT8 QSO should, but don't have to, end with 73's being exchanged. Many don't send a 73, but end the QSO after sending a signal report. That's fine. But I also see some operators will continue sending signal reports until I have answered with a 73 several times. I'll usually get a confirmation via eQSL or LoTW so I assume they received my signal report. This makes me think I'm missing something. Is there an explanation?

Dan - K4SHQ

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