Re: Long running WSPR tx crashing WSJT; recreating issue and narrowing down parameters #wsjt-x-crashing #macOS

Michael Black

If you look at my QRZ page I have links to USB adaptors which break the shield.  There are both USB-A and USB-B adaptors.  You can put those on most any USB device (not the hub though) and reduce the RFI running around your setup.  This is because everybody ties the USB shield to pin 4 on the usb plug and also tie the common return on power to chassis -- both of which are the wrong thing to do.
Having your station properly grounded also matters so please describe your shack grounding system. Most common mistake I see is the "rod in the ground outside the shack" which is not tied to the main house ground.  And then what that is ground correctly 2nd most common is the shack PC is then grounded to the house ground instead of lifting the ground pin to ground.
Mike W9MDB

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