moderated Re: Puzzling QSO endings #QSO_practices

Jim Brown

On 5/13/2022 10:03 AM, chas cartmel wrote:
Just for information I always send a '73' or a 'RR73" to a contacted station when signal reports are exchanged and acknowledged.
For me it is operating 'manners' rather than a necessity.
Yes. A QSO is complete when each station has RECEIVED RRR or RR73 from the other.
The QSO is logged automatically but I mark it as no '73' and tend not to QSL these stations unless there is QSB and signal weak
. It's only 30 seconds after all.
During a band opening and/or when trying to work rare stations, 30 sec is wasted time.
I also do not work stations responding to my CQ with a signal report rather than a grid square. Again 30 seconds of effort.
Same response as above. Indeed, grid square is only one form of information to be exchanged that makes it a QSO. When 6M (or 160M) is open to JA or EU, calling with a signal report is THE most courteous way to call. JA stations almost ALWAYS call with a signal report. We get the grid (if we care about it) from LOTW. An exception is we need to send a grid to let the other station know which way to point a beam. I've got a 9-call, living in W6, so will sometimes call with my grid for this reason.

I don't use /6, because it limits what a QSO partner with a non-standard call can do in WSJT-X.

73, Jim K9YC

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