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Hi Reino, Steve and Jim and many thanks for you guys' feedback! Below are the instructions for the Chameleon Lightweight End Fed Sloper antenna I am using (it does have an integrated transformer as part of the antenna):


Chameleon does say to use their ferrite which is like 6 or so ferrites integrated into a short length of coax which is placed right at the feed point of the antenna. I am not Chameleon's ferrite but rather 6 DXengineering clamp on ferrites (mix 31) at the antenna feed point and 6 more at the radio's (Yaesu FT-991A) coax feed point. This worked well for voice modes even at the full 100 Watts. Also, the antenna with Chameleon's ferrite has good reviews (for voice modes) but I have never seen reviews for digital modes.

Do digital modes and computers tend to be more sensitive than radios using voice modes? I am thinking that is indeed the case. If so a large lack of RF suppression could be the problem here. This is a long thread but the gist of it is my radio receives and decodes perfect but has problems transmitting. It now will not transmit at all, even at 5 Watts. I was thinking that at 5 Watts the RF common mode current would be 1/20 of what it would be at 100 Watts. My wife has an identical MacBook Pro as mine and I downloaded WSJT-X on her computer and still it does not work so I don't think it is a computer problem.

I think I might try moving the ferrite down the coax from the antenna and see how that works. If it does not work I think I will try a different antenna. Also, do you guys think common mode current from using 100 Watts could have damaged my radio??? I THINK the radio stopped transmitting when I tried to transmit with 100 Watts. I have done several full factory resets with no luck and computer restarts. Many thanks!

Robert KI5TPC

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