locked Re: Kenwood Silicon Labs Driver issues #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Dave Garber

is he trying to run the install under admin status. check his UAC
settings, they may be set very high

I assume this is to get the audio codec for wsjtx??

Dave Garber

On Thu, May 12, 2022 at 5:14 PM Chuck Adams <cfadams@...> wrote:

Is he running the most recent version of SLAB driver, 1.30?

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I am trying to help my friend with his Kenwood TS590SG WSJT-X problem.

My friend and I are running TS590SG transceivers with WSJT-X FT8 from
Dell laptops. Both of us were having absolutely no problems for many
many months. In fact my installation was in December 2020. This radio
and computer combination with Windows 10 (and other recent versions of
Windows) has had no problems so far in 18 months of use (knock on
wood). Note that the operation with the TS590SG requires a Silicon Labs
USB driver be downloaded and installed for Windows. We both did that in
late 2020.. Along the way after that there have been Windows updates.
So far, my system setup is still working as of three days ago.

His is another story...

My friend's Dell Windows 10 laptop stopped working with FT8 last week,
before patch Tuesday this week. He can reinstall the Silicon Labs
package umpty times and yet there are no good results. This is while
reading and using the Kenwood special instructions on how to do it. The
installation is specific on order of installing and plugging in the
radio with the USB cable. He says it's as if Windows will not accept the
installation of the Silicon Labs driver when viewing Device Manager.

So we are looking for anyone with new knowledge of what to check for.

--73, Glenn, AF8C

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