locked Re: Compiling from source code question #linux



It actually worked!!!

In my case, it aborted at the translations for Japanese. So I renamed both the "ja" files and the "it" files just in case, got some toast and came back to a new application on Manjaro!!

sudo mv /usr/share/qt/translations/qtbase_it.qm /usr/share/qt/translations/qtbase_it.qm.bak
sudo mv /usr/share/qt/translations/qtbase_ja.qm /usr/share/qt/translations/qtbase_ja.qm.bak

sudo mv /usr/share/qt/translations/qt_it.qm /usr/share/qt/translations/qt_it.qm.bak
sudo mv /usr/share/qt/translations/qt_ja.qm /usr/share/qt/translations/qt_ja.qm.bak

then I simply typed in
pamac build wsjtx

and let 'er rip!

Zac Helmberger

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