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Bill Ahillen

The use of the Vedic card is important not because of the ports but rather it sucks up a lot of your CPU you need to process decodes and JTAlert or CWSkimmer if you use that.

If you have a 4K monitor even the more important.


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´╗┐Good luck finding a laptop with 2 HDMI. Do not spend the Extra. USB-HDMI are cheap.

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Windows 10 and 11 work well. The problem with Linux is that there are a lot of other ham radio programs that do not work on it... There is a whole lot more ham radio software for windows...

Laptops or desktops should be able to use dual monitors, which will allow you to have the 'big picture' with multiple windows open. They should have at least 3 usb ports for radio connections & accessories, and 2 hdmi ports for monitors.

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