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Don Roden

You gotta have an external wattmeter of some sort to try to confirm the radio is sending out RF. A friend across town ? A spare radio ? A 60 watt lightbulb attached to a piece of coax with a connector that fits the radio ? W4DNR

On 2022-05-11 2:50 pm, Robert Bower wrote:

My brain hurts.
During the day I tried FT4 the radio showed transmission but 0 watts, so I went back to FT8.
I just checked pskreporter.info and my ft4 transmission was heard but nothing on FT8.
On 2022-05-11 12:28, Robert Bower wrote: The radio is set to line in
I raised the Aux in volume to 15
I also checked the slider on WSJTX
Everything is at maximum.
Just to test I unplugged the laptop from the CE-19 and plugged in a
microphone to the CE-19. I hit transmit on the radio microphone and
talked into microphone connected to the CE-19 I did get get the power
to increase but I had to talk very loudly definitely above what you
would use for radio.
I also checked the audio cable from the usb sound card I was able to
plug a speaker into the audio cable and hear the transmit signals
without issue.
I am starting to think the issue is somewhere between the CE-19 and
the radio itself. Since the tip is audio in maybe it is not making
good connection. Maybe the audio in on the radio is not functioning
I compared the sound card of the laptop with another sound card and
they sound about the same. So I have to say everything sounds fine
from the laptop to the end of the audio cord.
I have also reached out to Radioddity to see if they have any suggestions.
On 2022-05-11 09:54, M0PWX wrote: Look at page 7 of this doc Cheat Sheet V1.77 070421.pdf
Check the Aux In is set to "LINE" and the AUX IN volume is about 10
(you may need to adjust the volume of the soundcard on the computer as
well if you find even aux in vol =15 don't give full power out on the
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On 2022-05-10 12:21, Robert Bower wrote:
Good morning everyone,
I have been testing and this is what I have found out.
1. My radio is transmitting but the power is at 0 watts.
2. The G90 option for WSJtX did not work for me.
3. Flrig with WSJTX works fine.
4. WSJTX is sending sound to the radio and I can hear the sound through
the radio speaker.
I took a passive speaker and plugged it into the soundcard out and
listen to the transmit signals. I could hear them but the volume was
not very loud.
Here is the question. How loud is should a FT8 signal be? I have all
the volume sliders on the laptop at 100%
Robert Bower

Robert Bower

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