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Mike Chace-Ortiz

Evening Ron

A Signalink provides an audio connection to/from the radio only. You’ll need a CAT interface to control be the radio with WSJT-X.

An interface like this one from XGGComms <http://xggcomms.com/Yaesu-Interface-Shop(2066629).html> does both Audio and CAT. There are many more like it.


On May 9, 2022, at 8:40 PM, Ron <rfmosher@...> wrote:

I am unable to use my FT857 with FT8. I am using a Signalink USB and a Surface Pro running Windows 10. When I try to connect, the error message is:
Hamlib error: Protocol error while testing getting current vfo. I would be most appreciative is someone could interpret this message for me and, better yet, suggest a solution.

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