locked Buying a New Computer #Yaesu #NewUser #windows11


Hello everyone. I am new to digital modes and WSJT-X. I have used FT8 a bit on a MacBook laptop and have had A LOT of problems. It's time to buy a new computer and I think I want a desk top rather than a laptop. One problem I had with the laptop (with a 16 inch screen) is that my 62 year old eyes had trouble seeing much of the waterfall if I fit most of it on the screen.

I have heard that the newest release of WSJT-X has issues with Macs. Is this true (that would fit with my experiences)? I'm thinking I want a PC this time. Does Windows 11 works good with the various modes in WSJT-X, especially FT8? Also, do most of you use a desk top computer rather than a laptop? Many thanks.

Robert KI5TPC

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