locked Re: HAMLIB with Kenwood 2000 #hamlib


Yes Jamie I am on the main dial. I never been able to use HAMLIB. What I want to do is let WSTX-X interface with My ACLOG for contests that use digital. My settings as I said is 9600 8N2 with com 6 as rig control.

Tnx for the reply Jamie maybe I will figure it out. Lot's contests this weekend. 73's

On 5/6/2022 7:15 PM, Jamie GOLLY wrote:
Hi Dave, make sure the 2000 is on the main band, not sub band. It happened to me.

On May 6, 2022, at 3:36 PM, David Tucker <nu4ndave@...> wrote:

I was trying to use my Kenwood 2000 with ACLOG. My settings are 9600 8N2. But I keep getting an error not connected.
Any help would be appreciated.
*73'S DAVE NU4N*

Tnx 73's de NU4N Dave
Thanks 73's de NU4N/Dave

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