locked Re: is there a way to have "Enable TX" on as the default when the app opens?

Don - KM4UDX

Now that I've got a UPS and solved some other issues, I have far fewer random reboots.  Hence, the need for a way to configure "enable TX upon reboot" option is less critical. 

On KB9AMG's lovely WSPRNet reporting page(s)  [http://mardie4.100webspace.net/index.html]  I now rank first in two way reports for my grid square -- FM18.  Solving random reboots was critical here.  Okay, there are only two other FM18 players (WA4KFZ & KB3EDF) in the top 50, but they always kicked me in the rump.  These two operators have great equipment, professional antennas, and are very accomplished.  Now I'm ranked 38th  to their tied for 46th.  As of today, tomorrow may be different...And there are lots of different rankings and reports, and I'm frequently behind them, as it should be.

So all good.

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