Locked Re: Getting wsjtx to run on mac monterey with Yaesu ft991 Transceiver #Cat_RigControl

Bob Murphy N1KWH

Good Morning Gentlemen,

I am running Monterey on my MacBook Pro M1 pro and version 2.5.4 of WSJTX. You will need to install the latest Silicon Labs drivers. I believe the current version is 6.0.1(approximate version number). Once the drivers are installed you will need to configure them using the Midi Setup app in the Utilities/Other folder which is accessible from Launchpad.
Bare in mind that there is a bug in 2.5.4 where the Transmit audio out is wonky and the setting is reversed so I would recommend using version 2.5.2 until the fix the Qt element in the next version of WSJTX. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I am using a Yaesu 991A
Regards and 73,
Bob Murphy N1KWH

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