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Robert Lorenzini

Also take a look at DXMaps set to 6M.

Bob - wd6dod

On 5/5/2022 10:54 AM, Dave Tucker Nu4N wrote:
*FB on the PSK reporter Petter. I noticed some on 2 and 6. My question are they using WSJT-X or some other program?*

*73's de NU4N Dave *

On 5/5/2022 12:02 PM, M0PWX wrote:
Use PSK reporter and set it to look for anyone using MSK144 in the last couple of hours, their won’t be many, see preconfigured link below

Display Reception Reports (pskreporter.info)<https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmap.html?preset&callsign=ZZZZZ&what=all&mode=MSK144&timerange=900&obscure=0.2&distunit=miles&hideunrec=1&blankifnone=1&hidelight=1&mapCenter=44.02128006023983,-7.340644923370363,3.5283766278232935>

If you hover over the speech bubbles in the bottom left you will see the frequency they are using, including the offset

US tend to do more on 6m / 50mhz and EU tend to do more on 2m / 144mhz (but some are now playing with 6m as well)

There is also Q65 in WSJT-x which has some modes for MS but few people use it yet, mainly used for pre-arranged sessions


M0PWX Grabber Page (qsl.net)<https://www.qsl.net/m0pwx/grabbers.htm>

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.380 seems to be the most frequent.


Il giorno gio 5 mag 2022 alle ore 17:40<jwt873@...> ha scritto:

No..  Just North America.  Not sure of other regions.

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          > Region 1, too?

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