locked FT-4 10-second possibility?

Dick- K9OM

I appreciate the work that is being done to perfect FT4.

I operated the recent FT-4 test and have the following observation and recommendation: when receiving stations calling CQ, and clicking on the station as soon as it populates the WSJT-X Alert Callsign window, I was never able to work the CQ station on the first call as my transmission was too late in the cycle, so a good deal of contest time was lost waiting to make the second transmission.  If the FT4 cycle was increased slightly to 10-seconds I believe several things could happen:

1) We'd often be able to work the CQ station on our first call which would be a big time saver.
2) Weak signal sensitivity could be improved?
3) Computer clock sycronization wouldn't need to be quite so perfect which would enable more Q's as computer clock accuracy varies among hams for multiple reasons.
My thought is that weak signal reception is the prime feature of FT4 and is more important than matching the speed of RTTY transmissions.  I believe a 10-second cycle could be ideal for FT4.

Dick- K9OM

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